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Painting is a key procedure to blocking the weather and elements from deteriorating your home or business.

I know that when I am hired to paint the outside of your home or business, you've trusted me to protect, what is typically, your most valued asset. 

No corners are cut or short cuts taken

Our Exterior Painting Process:

Every job starts out with a high powered, pressure washing. All dirt has to be removed and stains are identified for later priming. Areas that are hard to reach or areas where high pressure may force water into building, will be cleaned by hand. Exterior preparation can begin after pressure wash is completed.

No primer, caulking or paint is ever applied until surfaces have dried to proper moisture levels.

A painter can only do a high quality job when painting if the preparation has been done thoroughly.  Depending on each job, preparation varies but will always be done with precision. If your siding has not been cared for properly since the last paint job, then scrapping of loose paint occurs.  While removing loose paint, painters will have protective tarps under them to help catch falling paint chips. This makes sure that the landscaping around your home or business stays pristine.

                                                         After removing flaking paint, edges
                                                         can be sanded down so there is no
                                                         ugly scarring on your walls. 

A high adhesion, high build primer is then applied to ensure a long lasting bond. For those homes and offices that have been maintained, scrapping will not be necessary. Any stains,new wood and other building materials that need primed get a coat of quality, stain locking primer painted on to them. 

Over all the old caulking that is cracked and failing, new caulk is applied and smoothed down for a sharp finish when it dries. Sometimes two applications of caulking are necessary if the first layer shrank and sunk in as caulk dried. As our professionals go around your building doing the preparation, any nails and screws that are not needed will be pulled out and the holes will be filled. 

Window, door handles and locks, light fixtures, decks, patios, etc. are covered with masking and tarps. All landscaping will be protected also. Light weight tarps are used for covering your shrubbery, as to not bend and break the foliage. Plastic sheeting will never be used on your plants due to the danger of sunburning. 

Only when all the preparation is taken care of we get ready for the paint

An exterior paint job is typically done with a paint sprayer but can be performed by hand (Yes, by hand. Believe it or not I do enjoy hand painting.) When applying a generous coat of paint I follow all manufacturers instruction.  This coat of paint is allowed the proper amount of time. I take my time during the painting process so that I can ensure a strong, long lasting coat of paint for every customer. 

If specified by consumer or paint manufacturer, a second coat is applied next. After the body of the house has been painted, painters will move on to trim and accent colors. At the end of the painting stage our professionals carry out a thorough clean up.  Clean up is also done daily to maintain the look of your home or business

After painting and clean up has been finished, a walk around is done with the customer to ensure
100% satisfaction.  Click to continute.

House in preparation stage.
More prep.
Redder is better
A front door you can love to come into.
Bright, white finish.  Super clean.
Super scraper house.
A fresh coat of paint protects the house from decay and rot.
Lots of caulking to seal nail holes and stop water from getting in the siding.
Much better!
Entrance to house in need of some sprucing up.
Done to a higher standard.
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"Ross Eaton (Ace of Paints owner)  painted my home. It was done in a timely manner and to my exact requirments down to the smallest detail."

"Mr. Eaton has a professional work ethic which made me feel confident in my choice. I asked again to have Mr Eaton clean and stain my front porch. Again an excellent job."

"I would recommend Mr. Eaton to my family and friends without hesitation."

Elizabeth D.
Another customer that is very satisfied with high quality paint and staining job
A deck ready for stain.
Wallah!!  After painting the house, they knew who to call for their deck.
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